Intersecting Paths, Unprecedented Journeys

They haven’t seen each other in about a year and a half, but once they’ve shaken hands, their conversation immediately turns to science. When your work has the potential to save millions of lives, that’s what you do.

Rakesh K. Jain, COE74M, 76PhD, has spent decades working on some of the world’s most press ... read more

Metastatic lymph nodes can be the source of distant metastases in mouse models of cancer

If confirmed in human patients, findings could indicate the need to treat lymph node metastases

A study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators finds that, in mouse models, cancer cells from ... read more

Mass. General study reveals how MRSA infection compromises lymphatic function

Bacterial toxins kill lymphatic muscle cells, raising risk of recurrent infection

Adding crizotinib to radiation therapy may help preserve hearing in patients with NF2

Cancer drug targets molecular pathway contributing to tumor progression, radiation-induced hearing loss

Immunosuppression underlies resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy

“Deciphering and targeting mechanisms involved in resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy is critical to realizing the full potential of this promising cancer therapy,” says Dai Fukumura, MD, PhD, deputy director of t ... read more

Lymph node metastases may not always be the source of cancer's spread to other organs

"What did the lymph nodes show?" is the question whose answer is apprehensively awaited by every colon cancer patient. Even in the age of molecular medicine, the absence or presence of colon cancer spread to regional ... read more

Rakesh K. Jain receives National Medal of Science at the White House