Kohji Uzawa

Research Fellow

Kohji Uzawa

Research Fellow

 Within the wider field of clinical anesthesia I specializes in the surgical anesthesia of patients with the complication of pulmonary hypertension. Such patients have a high perioperative mortality rate, and it is often very difficult for them to be anesthetized. In this respect, We has professional knowledge and skills in intensive care, in the main because Kyorin University accepts many pulmonary hypertension patients. We have extensive clinical experience of this kind of anesthesia, which we have performed routinely. In daily clinical practice, we have hardly worked in the surgical ICU and operating rooms. Therefore, our clinical focus is on sepsis conditions and on the peripheral circulatory environment under severe disease states.

 The theme of basic research is endothelial cell disorder; we have created our own murine hemorrhagic model and has striven to elucidate the endothelial cell function by observing the peripheral circulation of mice. In particular, we focus on the physiological role of the glycocalyx gel layer. we are devoting our efforts toward the elucidation of its mechanism and to the improvement of endothelial cell function of severe pathology.

 In January 2022, I came to the steel. lab at MGH and started my research. I am just starting out, but I will do my best. The following are my research results so far.My publication

<My publications>

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